Dedico este espacio en el universo virtual a todos los pueblos Indígenas en cada rincón del planeta tierra. Ellos que estuvieron desde el principio y que mantienen la tradición oral, los secretos del Universo y que han sido y siguen siendo los guardianes de la Madre Tierra. En particular espero y deseo poder continuar el estudio fotográfico de los habitantes originales de Colombia.

This web site is dedicated to the Indigenous People of the World, of every Continent, and every Land. To the ones who inhabited the land before the "discovery" by Europeans.

We have set-out to create a digital library of the Indigenous People of today, a historical perspective, visual account of a point in time of the Ones who carry the oral traditions, the old, the young, the seed carriers.

" Let us put our minds together and see
what life we can make for our children. "

"Trabajemos todos juntos y veamos que vida
le podremos dejar a nuestros hijos"

-- Sitting Bull


En 1553 la inocencia de aquellos que vivian en el terrirorio del actual Brasil fueron cambiados por el Padre Portugues que los salvo del infierno...

In 1553, the innocense of those living in Paradise met a Portuguese
Priest who saved them from eternal damnation...

My book documenting the plight of 4 peoples.

Tairona Heritage Trust

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Ancestral Lands

" Abya Yala " means "Continent of Life" in
the language of the Kuna peoples of Panama and Colombia.

Kogi de Colombia

Kogi (Kogui)
Sierra Nevada - Colombia

Chimila Colombia

Imagen Kuna de Kuna Yala - Panama
Kuna Yala - Panama


Maka - Paraguay

De Urcos, Inca, Taywantinsuyo
Inca y Aymara
Peru y Bolivia

Mby Guarani in the forest

Mbyá Guarani

Guarani Ocoy


En obra - under construction

American Indians - the First People of America and Canada aka Turtle Island .
1300+ Native American Indian and Canadian Indian Nations


Plains Indians

Inupiat - Alaska
Indigenas del Mundo



Tlingit - Alaska

Cherokee & Seminole





India Indigenous

Maasai - Tanzania

Kami & Damai - NepalKami & Damai


"The earth does not belong to us,
we belong to the earth."

Chief Seattle - Suquamish

"La Tierra no nos Pertenece,
Nosotros le pertenecemos a ella."

Cacique Seattle - Suquamish


"A lot of people only pay lip service to the indigenous issues," said Fiona Watson, a research and campaigns coordinator with Survival International, a London-based human rights group. "Governments come up with policies, but often those policies are not enforced." There are some 300 million indigenous people in over 70 countries worldwide. They were the first known humans in their regions, from the Amazon jungle to the Arctic.

Survival International

This world is in our hands to tend to for future
generations. The Original inhabitants own the
knowledge to access the secrets offered by
The Great Mystery.

Camilo Londoño Mejia, my life-long friend and brother passed away on June 18, 2007, after returning from the Amazon in Colombia.
He had attended a gathering of Shamans to pray for Mother Earth. He will be missed and his efforts to help the poor
through his work as an artist, in addition to his search for truth have made the world a better place.

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